Woman Leaning on Her Table over a Laptop

What should you do when you get tired of coding?

Someone asked me: “What should you do when you lose the enthusiasm for coding?” I got tired of working as a software developer 3 or 4 times in my career. Maybe more. I had burnouts as well, and I didn’t even know what burnout was until a couple of years ago. 😆 Losing the enthusiasm for coding can be normal: it’s hard to do the same thing, day in day out, and not get sick of it after so many years....

November 17, 2021 · 5 min · Thiago Araujo
Kids in a classroom looking at you.

New job, new codebase. How do you even get started?

One of my readers asked: How do you get started when you join a new company? How do you add features to a codebase that is massive, scary, and completely new to you? The first day at your new developer job is just like the first day at a new school. 🚸 A sea of stranger’s faces watching your every move. Unfamiliar smells in the hallway. Every chair is uncomfortable and makes weird noises when you sit....

September 17, 2021 · 10 min · Thiago Araujo